UofL PDS desires that not only the character and competitiveness of its members develop, but also the healthiness and strength of its surrounding community. This society partners with established dental providers and beneficiaries to give both dental care and oral hygiene education to those who most need it. All our outreach opportunities aim to alleviate healthcare disparities by connecting those who “can” with those who “need”.

Here are some of our volunteer focuses areas. Join the society to help us make a difference!


U of L Pre-Dental Society Volunteers

With the help of Louisville dentists, our society helps host a free dental clinic roughly twice a month, which has given since 2012 over 635 patients a total of $211,000 in free dental care as of 2017. Through our society, students can gain x-ray certification and in turn use it to screen patients at these clinics. Additionally, students triage patients, help suction and wash during procedures, and sterilize instruments.


Through partnering with Smile Kentucky!, our society visits local schools to host life-skills workshops that include teaching students and their parents how to care for their mouth with proper cleaning and food intake.


A couple times each year, our students travel to remote areas in our tristate region to join hundreds of dentists in addressing the lack of healthcare in rural areas. Much like the Dental Van, students aid in procedures and sterilize equipment, all while providing life-altering care to those without access to it.